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Posted by chrisrick13 on December 14, 2014

It is obvious: I’m not stupid

I remember the tobacco companies delaying the acceptance of the fact that smoking kills people.  In the 60s, 70s and 80s they were very effective.  They have delayed the introduction of measures to cut smoking and still work hard at it.

There is a problem that pricing does not stop smoking at a certain level.  It just creates a black-market.  Changing social acceptance and banning smoking from just about everywhere works well.  There are enough fanatics and vigilantes that will challenge anyone smoking where they should not.

No society ever gives up smoking and there is a level where it is just not possible to reduce it further.  Just take it to that level, keep up the fight and make sure that they pay in full for their medical care.

This weekend I saw another instance of tobacco denial in full flow.  In Peru the conference on global warming and destroying the planet in general broke up with brave words that meant nothing.  Too many vested interests were at play.  The Chinese are never going to agree to stopping using coal-fired power stations – they are building one a week.  Undeveloped nations are asking why they should suffer when the developed nations have been polluting for several generations.  Very sorry but you can either help or speed up your fate.

There is a simple answer to this.  A degree or two rise in global temperature will kill a lot of people and be mildly inconvenient to most of us in the West.  A four degree rise in temperature will kill most people on the planet.  Not such a bad thing as long as I am not one of them.  Glaciers are slow but not often stopped in their progress…except by global warming!

Those people at the conference were all 40+ not one of them will be inconvenienced by global temperature rises.  It is glacially slow but it is unstoppable.  As time goes by the effort to stop rises becomes more and more.  It is probably already beyond our will to do it.  We’ll just have to hang around and hope.  This conference needs to be run by teenagers.  They do have a stake in this game.

It is obvious: I’m not stupid – I just don’t care


2 Responses to “Glacial”

  1. Bill said

    Just to play devil’s advocate the average climate in Roman and Medieval times was hotter than today but only by about 1 degree. It was much colder in 15th centuary (I think) to the extent that the Thames froze and they were able to hold Frost Fairs on the iced up river.

    We play at reducing emmisions in the UK but really were have just exported our manuafacturing (which uses a lot of power) to China (who use fossil fuel – as you say). It will need something major to change peoples mind-sets and by that I mean a rather nasty wake-up call.

    • Alas, you are right.  There is no easy way back from the wake-up call.  You have to apply the brakes on the train a long, long way before the buffers to prevent a crash. I know that there are natural climate oscillations and so do the climate people.  This is what makes it so difficult to assess if we are on an oscillation.  However what I read where I can get unbiased information is that what is happening is beyond an oscillation.  Even if this is a natural large oscillation the result for us is the same!  Actually it isn’t for me (and you) as we are old enough!      Chris Rick

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