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Posted by chrisrick13 on January 26, 2015

It is obvious: what’s a Greek urn?

Trigger event?  I don’t think so.  The trigger for a trigger perhaps.

If you go back just a few years you will see that the predictions of those imposing austerity on Greece are…interesting.  There will now be economic growth, reduction of debt and falling unemployment already well below 10%.

Given the level of accuracy of those predictions you might think that when they say that Greece leaving the Euro will be a disaster it is almost a command to get out!

Any negotiation with Greece about its debt is not about Greece.  It is about Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.  Whatever Greece gets the others will demand.  Greece can easily be handled on its own.  Not the others.

So there will be a convoluted dance over coming weeks and months.  Then one day someone will crash it all.  I think that the Germans are the favourites and they could well be out the Euro before anyone else.

So, what should you do?  I think cash is king at the moment.  You can watch assets collapse and then get into them before inflation really moves off.  Trouble is you have to keep the cash somewhere.  Banks are not good entities to have any dealings with other than to owe them money.  If you have a house then chances are you will have one on the other side of the reset.  Not so sure about having two.  Build some networks.  Get to know people who you can trust and pull together with.  Get to know your neighbours.  Make sure your kitchen is fully stocked.  Make some preparation to supply your own electricity just for internet, PCs and central heating.

When will it happen?  For the UK expect a rapid unwind after the election.  However the Euro could well be done before then.

It is obvious: what’s a Greek urn?  Bu**er all.


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