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There I go again

Posted by chrisrick13 on January 29, 2015

It is obvious: I hope I die

I am not writing as much as a I used to, not least because I am repeating myself.  Is that it?  My whole philosophy of life expressed in a few hundred blogs?

One of my repeats has been to invest in yourself.  I always thought of that in terms of jobs and the skills you have.  It is still true.  However it is now wider.  The money to care for the elderly in this country is 20% less than it was just a few years ago.  I  hope they adjusted the numbers I have seen for inflation.  That leads me to wonder at how right they given the range of options available for inflation rates when calculating current value.

My belief in high velocity of death is ever more confirmed.  If there is still plenty left in you but you cannot manage your life on your own then the outlook is poor.  Big families all living in the same village used to handle it.  That model exists no more.  I remember my father moved us 20 miles from his home town to work.  We got on a train every Saturday to go back and visit all the relatives.  Does that happen now?

The problem is money.  We have spent a lot of money we did not have and in some sense it has to be repaid.  There is less money available to fund all the things we rely on in this society.  We will either do it voluntarily or be forced into it.  Think of the Prime Minister (PM) telling us that he is going to cut funding to the NHS or the police or refuse clearance, or social services for the disabled and old, or welfare.  Even think of him telling us that roads were no longer going to be mended, immigration services were going to be cut, armed forces reduced, food hygiene inspectors sacked, train safety inspectors removed.

One way or another that is what is going to happen.  It is amusing to watch MPs arguing, which I have just done, while Great Britain burns.  Baby-boomers retiring in large numbers make the problem worse.  Trouble is they are not dying a couple of years later.  A huge burden rests on our children: old people to look after and debts to pay off that they ran up!

So invest in yourself has a greater spread than I first thought.  Try and work until you drop with good skills somewhere.  At least after a first retirement you might be able to find work that you enjoy doing.  Look after your body to minimise the time you need help.  Set yourself a nice long horizon and plan for it.  If you do, chances are you will end up there.

The big imbalance I see coming is people like myself.  No mortgage and some savings.  I want to keep working to pay for flights to Oz and USA once a year.  I don’t need much and it is not essential stuff.  Soon if anyone employs me there will be no NI contributions to be made.  So I’ll work at a job that a younger person absolutely needs to feed a family, pay a mortgage and pay-off student loans and I’ll do it for a lot less money.  At the moment employers don’t really see it, but they will.

It is obvious: I hope I die before I get old (P. Townshend)


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