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I hope I vote before I die (C. Rick)

Posted by chrisrick13 on February 4, 2015

It is obvious: sod’s law operates all the time

I have bleated about the lack of price drops in petrol matching the drop in oil price.  I note, with a smug smile, that petrol prices are close to matching the drop in the price of oil.  There was so much spin about the price increases that it was going to be obvious to a lot of people if the price did not drop.  My bleats made no difference but at least I know where prices should go for the future.

A lot of people have sat down and worked out the relationship: a $2 change in oil price creates a 1p change in the price of a litre of petrol.  That relationship for the price of a therm of gas or the price or a watt of electricity is badly obfuscated.  So far the price has not moved down nearly enough.  What has become obvious is that several small energy suppliers are delivering gas and electricity 20% cheaper than the big providers – today.  For the moment they are taking very good profits.  I don’t begrudge it.  They will survive and thrive.  Perhaps the major suppliers of energy will have to follow.

Also for the moment nobody is seeing much but good from the drop in oil price.  It bothers me that there will be a lot more consumed at the current price than at the price of 6 months ago.  However, now, it is just the opposite and the price is low because as a planet we are consuming less.  If this carries on then global warming will be nicely slowed so that the truly dire effects will be long after I am gone!

So where does the drop in oil price hurt?  It is obvious: oil exporting countries.  Can I think of one near England…hmm…Norway!  Yes indeed but they have built a sovereign fund and no longer even need oil revenues.  (Why didn’t we?)  Anywhere else…?  Ah!  Scotland!

I mentioned that from a poll of people I know that had the English been able to vote on independence then Scotland would be long gone.  I wonder how that new country standing on its own with very little oil revenue and oil companies sacking people at a ferocious rate and putting oil support companies out of business would be doing?

I am not happy to see Scottish people suffering…I would not be unhappy to see SNP leaders and supporters suffering.  What I am unhappy to see is that the errors in the claims of the SNP on how their country might fare after independence are not being exposed.

We all have short memories.  If there are 3 years of low prices I hope the Scots will appreciate the money that the rest of the UK will be putting into Scotland. I’ve not been round for a while now.  About £8,000 should do it I’ll pop round for the cheque later.  Remember that.

I hope we get to vote in the next independence referendum.

It is obvious: sod’s law operates all the time – the Scots might have a handle on it now.


One Response to “I hope I vote before I die (C. Rick)”

  1. In other words: ‘Oil is bad. Why not give it to England?’

    You do know that without oil Scotland’s economy is still 99.5% comparative to the UK?

    Or that renewable energy off the coast of Scotland is estimated to worth 3 North Seas of Oil and Gas?

    Maybe small Norway should give their oil to England as well; their economy is much more oil dependent than Scotland’s would ever be…

    What a crazy notion independence was! I’m sure all those former colonies are queueing up to come back…

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