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Posted by chrisrick13 on February 23, 2015

It is obvious: I’m stupid

Nothing changes unless someone suffers pain.  You have to make it worthwhile for someone to move in the direction you desire or they will not move.  Pain is usually the only way but that pain can be financial loss (or gain  – a bribe?).  This means that it is difficult to make very large entities suffer pain and thus move in the direction you want.  Try sticking a pin into a rhinoceros.  It is one of the few remaining uses of media in that they can turn your pin into a six foot spear.

So why do politicians fiddle with tax laws?  Step forward Mr Laffer.  They can do what they like but there is a maximum amount that they can wring out of us.  What they are doing is not trying to up the tax-take but to change our behaviour.  This is why tax simplification will never occur.  Taxes are used to shape our behaviour and that tool is essential to a politician…because they know best (sic).

Actually I think I know best, at least for me.  I will only change that view when my current actions cause me pain.

It is obvious: I’m stupid – really.


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