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Posted by chrisrick13 on March 3, 2015

It is obvious: I count

I don’t know if I will survive the election campaign.  Stupid statements and impossible promises.  It pains me that politicians can make their stupid statements and enough of the population believe them to make it worthwhile.

200,000 houses a year so that first-time buyers under 40 can afford them.  Thankyou Me Cameron.  I was late to the party but most of my friends had owned a house for 20 years by the time they were 40.  How times have changed.  One more piece of evidence that we have passed the debt of our pampered lives on to our children.

28,000,000 households in this country.  That means 28m houses, flats, barn conversions, four-walls-with-a-roof in this country.  Not exact but good enough for me.

I read that our population was going on up to 70m over the next 20 years.  Another 10m people and another 5 million households.  So 250,000 new houses needed each year.  Oh dear.

If 1% of houses fall down each year that is 280,000 out of the stock of houses.  A bit high you might say but I see plenty of houses knocked down and two built in its place.  So these new houses are not all net new houses.  Oh dear.

With the target of 2% growth in this country we are going to have to double our population over the next 35 years or increase it by 50% over the next 20.  That is 1m new houses or 700,000 a year.  Oh dear.

How many new houses (not net-new-houses) did we build last year?  138,000.  Oh dear.

Who challenged the PM on this announcement?  Nobody.  Oh dear.

It is obvious: I count numbers all the time


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