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Posted by chrisrick13 on March 10, 2015

It is obvious: I can drive

Driving to work today – OK it is my wife’s work – I saw a car on the other side of the road stop at a Zebra crossing to be overtaken by the car behind.

Why are we even considering the dangers of AI controlled cars?  At least once a day and often more I see gross stupidity exhibited by drivers.  With increasing frequency I see gross stupidity exhibited by myself.  At least older people tend to have low-speed car-crunching and not people modifying accidents.  AI controlled cars will just not do these stupid things.  They will obey speed limits exactly.  They will not run red lights.  They will not overtake on zebra crossings.  They will keep a safe separation for the speed.

Suppose an AI car does cause an accident.  There will be no he-said/I-said arguments.  It will all be on video.  Who pays for an AI accident?  That is easy.  A state insurer will extract money from all AI controlled cars much as the current car tax does.  Just tack a few extra quid on to the road tax.  It will (by software) investigate accidents and pay out money.

Here is a good one.  If an AI car parks illegally it can report to the local police and a fine assigned to the owner.   Same for speed limits when the driver takes over.

Watch for road furniture appearing that AI cars and their sensors can easily spot.  They will all be passive and many will be underground.  This will be when AI cars are about to be accepted in society.

But what is to stop a person running one now?  Hybrids where the person is nominally in control but the car makes a lot of the decisions.  Plausible deniability does it.

I think I prefer AI controlled cars to 17-25 year-old controlled cars…and a lot of idiots older to know better.  The biggest complainers about AI cars will be the very people I don’t want to meet driving a car.

It is obvious: I can drive at the moment.  Can you?


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