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Posted by chrisrick13 on March 17, 2015

It is obvious: our politicians know what they are doing

Last week Mr Milliband promised to cut student fees by £3,000.  I suspect that the universities viewed that with horror.

Martin Lewis pointed it out to me that student loans are a tax.  You have a tax-free allowance and if you earn over that then you pay 9% of what you earn.  Just like PAYE.

There is the argument that a university education enables you to earn more so you should pay more for that privilege.  If the numbers that I hear are to be believed then that is not the case.  Most student loans will not be paid off.  So where is the extra income the students are earning?!

My view is that higher rates of tax are making high earners pay more.  Why not just educate and let the high earners pay the tax.  No civil servants needed here.

While I’m at it why has the Labour party not stopped NIC which is a tax aimed specifically at low earning people?  Has nobody worked out the stupidity of NIC and tax credits?  You could remove both and replace it with something very simple.

So Labour are promising to cut student fees from £9,000 that few pay to £6,000 that few pay.  Where is the sense in that?  Why not cut them to £0 that few pay?

Labour will then tax somewhere else to meet the shortfall.  To that I say that the tax was introduced to make those who ‘benefited’ pay and now they are going back to general taxation to pay for it.  Except that it will go into the central fund and universities will have to find a way to extract it from the government.  Bet they are looking forward to that.

This is stupidity built on stupidity.

Next up is the SNP…and Mr Milliband.  The Labour leader will not form a coalition with the SNP.  They will form a working relationship with them though…and he forgot to say that.  Quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck,…  Also nobody in the media thought to question him on that particular nuance.

The SNP will go for an alliance.  Why?  Nicola Sturgeon said that they would do all that it took to prevent the Conservatives gaining power.  Can’t stop her doing for that and I would be with her were there a better option.  I am uneasy that someone who considers herself to live in a separate country from the UK can stop the party that most people in England are likely to vote for from being able to decide on policy that affects England.

It is only unease as otherwise I would be into all sorts of double standards and hypocrisy.  I wonder that Mr Milliband has thought it through.  Labour is not the biggest party in parliament but allies with the SNP and gets power.  The SNP supports him and quickly devolves Scotland away from the union…then leaves Labour on its own.  He also has a few years to manage the economy which looks to be in a good state but is not.  So if he grabs power just as the Conservatives did he has the opportunity to make Labour unelectable for a very long time.  In safe hands.

The bookies are odds on for no overall majority and Conservatives the biggest party at the next election.  Some care is needed as they have UKIP at only 50/1 for the biggest party!  Interesting times.

It is obvious: our politicians know what they are doing and it isn’t what the people who voted for them want


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