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Posted by chrisrick13 on March 18, 2015

It is obvious: run for the hills

I see politicians fighting over budget cuts.  The public seems to believe that because someone cuts expenditure they are to blame.  Not to worry though as there has been precious little cutting at least overall.

We need cuts in spending because we have overspent and need to pay some money back.  We will not as a nation be able to change jobs get a big pay rise and pay for our previous profligacy out of it – increased earnings and higher tax receipts.

Labour got it completely wrong.  Remember plan B and the millions out of work.  They did not count on George’s fancy footwork to create the illusion of growth and prosperity in the economy.  The Conservatives got it wrong as they have not got the tax receipts to cut the deficit.  I cannot even remember what the Liberals said.  Is this a measure of their irrelevance to UK politics?

We pay for an NHS in interest payments each year.  Unless we cut the debt then out interest payments will rise and we will be paying for 7 NHS (and not the two that we pay for now)…but still only get one.

What is on offer for the next 5 years?  Conservatives have heavy cuts to try to end the deficit.  That simply won’t work.  Liberals have austerity-light where the cuts act over many more years.  That is too little, too late.  Labour is most fun.  Some cuts but they will borrow lots of money to build things which is OK as it is infrastructure and does not count.  Let me point out that the lenders will count every penny of interest.

Therefore what is on offer is either not going to work or does not tackle the problem.  We are going to put our future into the hands of the people who leant us money.  Think Greece.  Think Cyprus.  Think Spain.  Think Zimbabwe.  Think Argentina.

It is obvious: run for the hills.  Now.


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