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What did you do during the reset?

Posted by chrisrick13 on March 23, 2015

It is obvious: I’m out of my mind

As we near the reset I am motivated to review my thoughts.  Near the reset?

Our election is not far off.  It will not surprise with the result: two large parties with SNP next and assorted dribs and drabs.  I have consigned the Liberals to dribs.  The Conservatives made a mistake grabbing power last time and the Liberals made a bigger one.  But it does not matter.  There will be negotiations and the numbers will dictate.  It really comes to if the Conservatives can get close to Labour plus SNP.  Alex Salmond is a smart operator.  Why did he switch from the Scottish parliament to the UK (or is it GB) parliament.  If I don’t go with him I go with the bookies.  If Conservatives and Liberals hang on it will be a grim day for GB.  If Labour and SNP get power…it will be a grim day for GB.

Then there is Greece.  The government can’t leave the Euro.  They have to maneuver the EU into kicking them out.  Tricky stuff.  Timing of the essence.  This is not some clever board game.  It is 11m Greek people.  I think they should be out and then they have to suffer some more but there is light in the tunnel and it is not a train thundering down on them.  But it is people, not a game.

So a reset looms.  I don’t think that we will see the destruction of our state and civilisation over a many years.  I think it will be quick.  There will be losers…and bigger losers.

You will be able to have enough food in the house to last it out and probably not need it anyway.  You need a generator and fuel and some preparation.  But you are only going to be bridging 8 hour power cuts.  Go out for a walk when one happens or visit friends who have not been cut.  You can download lots of entertainment and store it on your PC.  You really need something to keep your central heating electrics going and power your broadband modem/router.  If your gas supply to your cooker stops then it is not going to be a quick reset – one to watch.

What about money?  You mean the ones and zeroes in the computers at your bank?  They are vulnerable to say the least.  They aren’t money either.  Otherwise I think that £10 pound notes and coins will have great value and usefulness.  There will be a period where the notes and coins will work well but they will lose their usefulness quite quickly.  You will have time to make good use of them if you have any.

You have invested in yourself haven’t you.  You will be in good physical shape (though perhaps not so good as you drink through your stock of wine).  You will have skills in demand whatever the state of things after the reset.

What have I done?  I’ve started to take profits on shares.  I’m considering my timing on US shares for a high Dow and high dollar.  I’m finding out where all my ones and zeroes are so that I can perhaps move them into other things that might keep value.  Not bought a generator yet, but I know where I can get one locally if I walk in and put £10 notes on the counter.  I always do have some cash to hand and have upped that a little.  I’m in the gym dropping my weight though perhaps I should be in the burger bar putting some weight on.  Bit stuck on the useful skills though.

Things always take a lot longer to happen than you can possibly estimate but the odds have moved enough for me to take a few more steps.  As Harold said at Hastings: look out for the arrows lads.

It is obvious: I’m out of my mind but I won’t be out of food.


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