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The election is over!

Posted by chrisrick13 on April 25, 2015

It is obvious: run for the hills

10 days ago I removed myself from the election process.  I voted.  I don’t care now what any politician says.  I was sorely tempted to draw a ‘None of the above’ box on the paper but managed to resist temptation.  I voted for a least worst (by my judgement).  Haven’t placed a bet on the result yet.  I think that the odds for Conservatives being the biggest party are still quite attractive.

What I did not vote for was Labour or SNP.  Why?  In simple terms they have said that they are going to fix the economy by spending more.

They are socialists and have to spend money to lift the suffering off those people who for whatever reason are…suffering.  They do it by taking it from the people who aren’t suffering…and by borrowing if it is still not enough.  That handles today.  What about in 5 years time?  Then we are into a means-and-ends argument.  Not somewhere I can usefully go.

As I am not watching the election process I am not seeing too much of the rubbish being proposed that was on view early on.  The most amusing one that does ride through the noise to me is the proposal to get £10bn from ‘cracking down on tax avoiders’.  This is a gain for nothing as all the political parties would have it.  So why didn’t they do it last year?  Why not the year before?  Why not the year before that?  We could already be a couple of hundred billion better off.  Idiots.  Or idiots us for being taken in by it.  There is a good way to get rid of tax avoidance at little cost, and that is to simplify tax law.

While I’m at it I’ll have another go at employees National Insurance.  This is a tax that targets the low paid.  It only operates on the first few hundred pounds of income each month.  Get rid of it and increase the standard rate of tax.  Tax neutral with huge gains because there is no effort needed to collect it.  Then the low paid will get every single penny of the money they earn.  We would have targeted those with low incomes and spread the load to those with higher incomes.   Employers National Insurance is more tricky.  It is a tax that encourages companies to employ fewer people.  It encourages zero-hour contracts.  If you do take it away and increase, say, corporation tax then this will penalise companies that have fewer employees.  Well why not?

So when you next bump into a socialist ask him why they have still not got rid of NIC.  Ask her what they will do when interest rates go up and instead of paying twice for the NHS we have to pay seven times…and still just get one.

Finally a question, I have described here before, that I posed to someone.  You want to go on holiday and it costs £1000 that you do not have.  You have a good job so you think you can save £100 a month.  Can’t do it over Christmas so you can save £1100 a year.  You can borrow the £1000 and go tomorrow but will have to make 11 payments of £100 to pay off the loan.  An alternative is to save the £100 each month and go on holiday at the end of the year.  After 10 years with the first scheme you will have had 10 holidays.  With the second scheme you will also have had 10 holidays but you will also have over £2000 in the bank.  The surprise answer that I got was to go on holiday now because I might be dead in a month.  This is socialist thinking except that a socialist will go first class and pay £2000 for the holiday.

It is obvious: run for the hills then at least you will start going downhill from a higher place than everyone else


2 Responses to “The election is over!”

  1. Malc C said

    Nah-keep NI as it is.Pensioners don’t pay NI but do pay tax.Increasing the personal tax rate penalises the Pensioners like me!

    • Just trying to be even-handed.

      As I pay myself dividends I’m with you from a personal perspective. I need to find a couple of twenty-year-olds to pay my pension for my remaining years. So there has to be some encouragement.

      Chris Rick

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