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Posted by chrisrick13 on May 6, 2015

It is obvious: pulling the legs of living things is great fun

Sean Richards said it today.  If he finds a political party that can fix our economic problems he’ll let us know.

I have watched a bit of tv and listened to some radio.  All the interactions with politicians had a single theme.  Not one answered the questions put to them.

Too late now but I have some questions for you to ask of politicians should you get the chance.

Why are you only now cracking down on tax avoidance?  Why didn’t you do it 10 years ago or 20 years ago?  Tax avoidance is legal.  It is much the same as choosing the best energy provider.  Why not simplify tax laws so that avoidance is difficult to do and does not need enforcement?

Define ‘fair’ when you talk of ‘fair share of tax’.  If someone is smart enough to acquire a lot of money don’t you think they are smart enough to take it somewhere that the government cannot get its hands on it?  Do you remember the brain drain?  The only people who you can tax are the middle classes and Dr Laffer tells you the most you can get.  So why bother trying to beat it?

If you want to help the low paid or rather the low earners why do you keep the National Insurance tax?  This taxes only the first few pounds of income and for someone low paid it is the only pounds of income.  Why not increase tax rates that are open-ended at the high-end where low paid do not swim?

If the NHS funding need is £8bn how will £2.5bn of extra funding save the NHS?  (This is for Labour supporters.)  Does not matter where that money comes from.

Define ‘hard-working’ when you talk of ‘hard-working families’.  Does that mean someone with a job?  What about unemployed people?  What about people who want to work but can’t?

How long will it be before interest rates go up and what will that do to the country?  Should we be trying to cut debt while it is cheap?  If interest rates go up there will be a lot more interest to pay before we can pay off debt.  We are paying twice for the NHS.  Is it fair to our children to force them to pay 5, 6, 7 times for the NHS and still only have one…if they are lucky?

If your income is less than your expenditure is it a good idea to cut down on food but go out and buy a Ferrari because it is an investment?  (This one is for Labour and its plans to borrow its way out of our debt problem.)

Should we give aid to India that has nuclear weapons and puts rockets and satellites into space?  Is the aid budget help for poor nations that have spent all their money on weapons or attempts at diplomacy?

Have you looked at what happened to Greece when it ran up debts that could not be repaid or reneged on?  Have you looked at what happened to Argentina when it defaulted?

Why has not a single banker gone to jail?

Whose fault is an austerity measure?  Is it 1) the person cutting the expenditure 2) the person who spent the money 3) the people who voted the party into power that ran up the debts?

How much of the NIC that you have paid over a working lifetime will fund your pension?  Is it 1) all of it 2) some of it 3) none of it?  What is the common name for this kind of arrangement?  Is it 1) financial prudence 2) lunacy 3) fraud 4) Ponzi scheme?  Tick all those that apply?

Which countries put some of their oil windfall into a sovereign fund to use for the good of the population over future generations?  Is it 1) Norway 2) Qatar 3) UK?

As in the Mikado “I have a little list” except it’s long.  Please tell me any more good questions that I might ask and I’ll add them the next time I do the list.

It is obvious: pulling the legs of living things is great fun…politicians are living aren’t they?


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