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Posted by chrisrick13 on May 14, 2015

It is obvious: the Labour party is in safe hands

I have been held to task.  I predicted that there would be a reset and the party in power excluded from power for a generation.  How wrong.  At least my other claim that things like a reset take longer to happen than you can possibly expect comes into play.  The Conservatives judged it right.  Keep reset at bay for a term and get another go.  It must happen during the next parliament (sic).

What can they do?  I think that the only option is the one of runaway inflation.  It is time to spend your savings!  I assume that there will be no safe-haven.  Interest rates cannot be allowed to go up.  House prices cannot be allowed to fall.  Nobody can work our inflation adjusted pricing.  If a loaf of bread doubles in price in the shops shouldn’t your house?

The Labour party now goes through public agony selecting a leader.  Poor Mr Milliband.  So young and already on the scrap-heap.  Wonder where he will pop-up?

I read that the unions are trying to time the election so that they can improve their share of the vote.  Remember it was they that chose Mr Milliband…at least the ‘Ed’ version.

Already I have read some cringing statements from candidates.  I do wonder who they are talking to.  Remember that many or even most Labour supporters are not socialists and few of them are members with a vote.  Neither are they particular supporters of unions.  All they are after, as we all are, is the best deal that we, individually, can get.

Don’t think that I consider much of what I hear from the Conservatives as anything that will cheer me.  The one thing that I have still not heard mentioned is the Boundary Commission.  With a majority and no Liberals to stop them the Conservatives will run it.  The result is to remove 20 seats from Labour.  Perhaps more importantly it will take seats from Liberals.  Think of it today: a 52 seat majority and Liberals down to maybe two seats.  The Conservatives will hang on until the boundary changes happen.

There will then be the triple attack on Labour: boundary changes, new leader, SNP.  The 56 SNP seats will vote with Labour but they are toxic votes.  For every Scottish seat an English seat turns not-Labour.  There are 20 seats about to go Conservative.  We wait for the unions to choose a new leader for the Labour party.

It is obvious: the Labour party is in safe hands if you are a Conservative voter


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