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Posted by chrisrick13 on June 10, 2015

It is obvious: the Conservative party is in safe hands

On the radio there were two good items today.  First was a recording from before the election.  It was a public debate of some sort where the people on stage had to answer a question.  The catch was that the only permitted answers were ‘yes’ or ‘no’.  The Conservative, Lib-Dem, UKIP and another all answered ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  I think it was about a benefit cap.  Andy Burnham would not give a yes/no.  Yvette Cooper (Balls) talked about reform but refused a yes/no.

It is unfair as some questions are complex and a simple yes/no is not easy to do.  However many of them are and they only get weasel answers…from Labour.  The approach I suggest is to say that a yes/no will mislead either way and then toss a coin.

The other item was a Labour representative asked about budget surplus when the economy was growing.  His response was that we had to invest to get growth.  Have it in mind that growth of just 2% doubles this economy in 35 years which clearly will not happen.  ‘Investing in infrastructure’ will get little growth.  However something such as HS2 will take 20 years to build.  How long before it pays for itself?  A hundred years if ever.  Also have it in mind that every railway company in this country has gone bankrupt.

Think now about your mortgage (sic).  You have £100,000 and are paying 7% so your interest bill every month is £580.  Supposing that you can pay that.  When interest rates drop to 3% you are paying £250 a month.  Do you double your payments and take 10 years off the length of your mortgage and have a slap-up meal in a restaurant every month or double your mortgage.

The Labour guy said that we should double our mortgage as money is so cheap.  It is obvious that Labour just cannot stop themselves borrowing with no thought to their children and their children.

Just to even things up David Cameron said today that they were taking poor people out of taxation.  So why has he not got rid of NIC?  Idiot.  Nobody picked him up on it.

It is obvious: the Conservative party is in safe hands – it’s called the Labour party


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