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Ain’t holidays great?

Posted by chrisrick13 on August 28, 2015

It is obvious: now is a good time to buy

I have read so much since my return from holiday it is difficult to know what my view is.

Away from economic considerations the system is unstable.  This last week is proof enough.  With that instability, predictions are just not possible…other than that the system will not survive long.

I am amused by a prediction that growth in the UK next year will now be 3% and not 2.9%.  Why is that?  No good reasons given.  This was from an organisation that has not managed to predict within 50% of reality over a long period.

Still the question is what to do with any personal ‘wealth’.  I use the quote marks as bits in a bank’s computer are not wealth.  If the economic system crashes what do I do?  What do any of us do?  I have written on that enough!

I have returned smug from my ‘sell in May and run away’ advice earlier this year.  Wished that I had done more selling than I did!

I am also in dismay over government pension changes.  I had planned to defer my government pension which is a good deal.  However that might put me under the new regime if I don’t take my pension before April.  It cannot be more complicated.  I think I have to hire an advisor because I will bet that the government will not give me simple advice in this area.

I am at least amused that I visited 10 countries and in 4 of them a decent cup of coffee was a euro or less…as was a decent glass of wine!  I am further amused that a coffee and a tea in a cafe just off St Mark’s square in Venice cost 17.25 Euros.  I have a picture of the cup and have kept the receipt.  So when it all crashes I know where to go to get the most bangs per buck.  (Avoid Venice and the hotel B&B Hannelore in particular.)

It is obvious: now is a good time to buy or sell


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