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I hate the BBC!

Posted by chrisrick13 on August 31, 2015

It is obvious: I can’t see what I like

Yesterday I listened to the news in the car.  Headlines included two bronze medals at the athletics world championships in relays and an overall 4th place.  Superb.  Brilliant stuff.  In the body of the news they gave some more detail.

Near the end they just happened to mention that Great Britain had beaten The Netherlands in the women’s hockey world championships final.  The Netherlands: current world champions, Olympic champions and very strong favourites.

Is that our national demise: praise for the heroic failures, ignore the world champions?

I looked for coverage on the BBC of the hockey.  Nothing.

It is obvious: I can’t see what I like and I don’t like what I can’t see

4 Responses to “I hate the BBC!”

  1. Sportsman said

    I have to say that I watched all the relays and they were dominated by the USA and Jamaica – In none were we expected to be any medals, so I did think that these were worthy of the news. I don’t mention the farce that was the mens 4×100 relay where, on the last leg, we failed to pass the baton on and would have come in with a silver if we’d done it. It would seem that, for the final, the coaches had changed the running order plus put in a new guy in [why or why change a winning combination] so that there was no practice for the team and so they messed up. I suppose that as the BBC had fielded a strong (ie large) team of pundits that rotated through China and the studio they felt they should hype it on the news too…

    BUT why no real coverage of the world women’s hockey – a real shame – is hockey seen as elitist? I sometimes think that the BBC feels that supporting the national team is Nationalist (and hence racist) and prefer to laud the black athletes (but not, that I’d notice, the ones from South America/Australia/Japan/China etc. )

  2. Sportsman said

    BTW – Don’t you find the BBC news is biased into where they have reporters? There is an awful lot of non-news features on the news channel and reporters outside famous buildings as though this gave what they say some sort of authority.

    Tend to watch Sky and Al Jazeera – if I want to see real news. Admittedly pretty biased

    • I have cut down on my tv a lot. Used to default down to 24hr news but have now grown up.

      I watch bits of Squawk on CNBC between 06:00 and 09:00. A UK ‘crew’ and one of them does say it like it is.

      Try the Russian news programme. Clearly there are two inhabited planets in the solar system as I am not on the one they are reporting about.

      Chris Rick

  3. Sportsman said

    Just to say that I think that the Hockey was the EuroHockey finals. Pretty good result non-the-less!

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