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I still hate the BBC!

Posted by chrisrick13 on September 2, 2015

It is obvious: there is a lot north of the border

Yesterday in the car I had PM or some-such on the radio.  The SNP education minister was being questioned.  They were trumpeting their education initiative including the re-introduction of testing to determine how children were progressing.  She was asked why the SNP had supported the stopping of testing in the coalition with Labour in 2004.  She answered a completely different question!

I almost pulled to the side of the road better to listen to the wings being pulled off this odious fly when the question was repeated.  But no, the interviewer moved on to another question!  Do they have no killer instinct?  Paxman did.  I think that perhaps they don’t listen to the answers.  An opportunity to make politicians more honest and more accountable.  What an easy tactic: answer any question you like if you don’t like the one that was asked.

That put in mind the SNP economic promises based on £11bn a year net oil revenue at the time of the referendum.  Of itself that figure was always under question.  The spending and funding of £11bn was based on a $120 a barrel oil price.  Today the UK (sic) government is subsidising Scottish oil production at the level of £1.5bn a year at the $45 price.  Were Scotland independent how would it fund not an £11bn input but a £1.5bn outflow?

The oil price will not stay this low forever but it has done a year and at least another year is very likely – more is quite possible with a global downturn in activity and new producers coming to the market (Iran, improved fracking techniques).  Could Scotland withstand 2 or 3 years of no income?

When the oil price does inevitably rise how much oil will there be for Scotland to drag out the ground and how much will each barrel cost to produce?

I wanted shot of Scotland but to my annoyance I think that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.  Given the chance I would still have voted YES to independence.  There are too many rugby defeats for me ever to like Scotland.

It is obvious: there is a lot north of the border: heather, mountains, water, sheep, rain, snow…


3 Responses to “I still hate the BBC!”

  1. Grumpy Old Man said

    Not only do they not follow through, they also give some politicians (or rather parties) an easier ride than others. The questions for some I’m sure are chosen by the target of the interview and not the reporter, perhaps its a pre-condition of actually being allowed to interview ‘the great and the good’? Other ‘reporters’ show far too much respect for ministers and ex-ministers presumably as they are worried about the license fee review.

    On the other hand I may well be wrong as ITV seem to let them off lightly too – I will put it down to the friendly chats and expense account lunches that I’m sure that they share on photo-op trips…

  2. Grumply Old Man said

    Just out of interest I heard a broadcast at the weekend about the labour party by the BBCs Cheif political Correspondant. It said that the party had shot itself in the foot (my words – not his) by doing a 360 degree U-turn on balancing the books. Now (as every GCSE student knows) a U-Turn is 180 degrees, but given that 360 degrees gets you going in exactly the same direction as before I didn’t see this as a big deal.

    The point here is that the BBC don’t seem to know what a U-Turn is – so should we trust their expertise on other issues?

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