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I’m undecided

Posted by chrisrick13 on March 3, 2016

It is obvious: I am for Europe

I have been away as I did not want to subject others to a litany of told-you-so’s and more whining.  I care about my readership.

Today, with no time, I am moved to say a few words.

Brexit.  Thought I might start with something that is not a word.  I am dismayed at the opportunities to get information about this that I can trust.  I have seen a lot of debate about the economic affects of leaving the EU.  That is not what it is all about.  It is about Magna Carta.  It is about Habeas Corpus.  It is about elected people making decisions for us and not unelected people (in other countries!) doing it.

My favourite example is the banning of products from the Right Bank in…well it’s Israel at the moment.  I thank the officials in Brussels for making this decisions for me.  They clearly have a grasp of the situation that I will never be able to get.  I do have an idea that it is a foreign country just annexing another.  Clearly the EU will follow this policy consistently.  The symmetric policy applied to China for its invasion of Tibet must just be round the corner?

The other EU action much in my mind is the coordinated, integrated, unified action by the EU on the migrants from (mainly) Syria and many other countries.  It is good to see that under the EU guidance all the countries of the EU have acted as one to solve that problem.

I don’t have a reliable source but due to EU policy and the CAP in particular the average family’s food bill is £50 a week higher because of the EU.  I cannot believe that and I didn’t understand how that might happen.  However I discovered information on EU tariffs the other day.  Much of the food we eat carries a tariff imposed by the EU that does increase our food costs.  I looked into a bit and came up with a 5% figure.  The Ricks spend about £75 a week each on food and I reckon eat better than most.  So say it is £50 a week per person then £2.50 is as a result of the EU.  60 million of us gives £150m a week or about £8bn a year.  Add that to net EU contributions and we are £18bn a year better off.

Leaving he EU does not debar us from trading with it and, because of the WTO, treated as a ‘most favoured nation’.  It gives us a better chance with a market 3 times larger – the rest of the world.  As I said we are not contemplating doing it for trade reasons.  Trade is a result and we would be in the same place that we were in as a trading nation for all but 40 years of the last 1000.  Did we do all right before the EU?

But I don’t think it matters overmuch.  We will be better off out before the EU crashes.  If we are not then there are not that many years to endure before it does.

It is obvious: I am for Europe not running England


4 Responses to “I’m undecided”

  1. Malc C said

    Well said,Chris.Completely in accord with my own thoughts.I fear however,that the voters will go for no change since there will be a fear of the unknown,particularly for younger voters who have never lived in this country without being a member of the EU

    • Standing on the edge of the precipice it is tricky when you look down!
      You are right. The strategy is to generate fear.
      The thought that BMW will try and stick it to us is ridiculous. Business will be too busy trying to generate as much trade with us as possible to spend any time on spite and bile. The only ones who have time and propensity are the elite in Europe who run things. But when the CEO of BMW and the like warn them off it will all dissipate.
      Think how strong a hand we would have if we voted out. We could probably vote to go back in on a completely different set of conditions much more beneficial to us.
      But it is not trade. it is choosing our own destiny.

  2. Mark said

    This website is a usefull source of all kinds of information:

    The UK GROSS contribution to the EU in 2015 was £18bn but the rebate instantly reduced that to £13bn.
    In 2015 UK got £4.5bn back in farm payments, support for poorer regions etc.

    So the net cost was £8.5bn.

    The ONS says there were 18.7 million families in the UK in 2015. So each family pays £455 per year. I make that £8.74 per week per family.

    That’s total cost, not the extra cost of food.
    I can’t see any error in my logic or arithmetic; can you?

  3. Mark said

    Another website for seemingly independant info on the subject:

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