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Posted by chrisrick13 on March 11, 2016

It is obvious: I’m in charge

Isn’t democracy a con?  How can my vote make a difference?  I can’t get someone to represent my views in a meaningful way in any forum.  I might vote for someone who is a package of views some of which I agree with.  That is the best I can hope for.  Then he/she only has small representation in another forum.  It ought to be possible to electronically collect everyone’s view on any topic in real-time.  Then just have a small group of ‘ministers’ who enact that policy.

I’m not sure that even the elected and un-elected people who run things are doing other than someone else’s bidding.  I’m particularly interested in the unelected people in the EU who run things.  I’m also interested in the un-elected people on the MPC who decide on interest rates and other things.  Half are BoE employees and the other half are appointed by the very people they are supposed to be independent of!  Has nobody noticed?

But we are all easily fooled and that is what the people at the top, both those in view and those not in view rely on.  Mr Cameron has good a good deal on Europe and has come back to support the ‘In’ vote.  He, of course, is strutting around the country shouting about the superb deal he got…

Hear Mr Blair on radio today saying that we should stay in the EU and that there will be absolute chaos if we leave.  How does he know?  He is the person who gave away our veto in Europe.  Do you know what he got in return for that?

Then we have the hapless Mr Carney.  Clearly he is dancing to someone else’s tune.  Remember unemployment going below 7% as the trigger for interest rates rises?  It is down around 5% where it has been for several years now…  He has a different message every time he opens his mouth.  He is smart so you know that this idiotic stumbling is not his doing.  There is every chance that he will complete his term with no interest rate changes and no QE (in or out).  Nice job and pension for 5 years of doing nothing!

So if things are not being run in my best interest then they are being run in someone else’s.  Who is to say that they have the slightest idea they know what they are doing or are in charge of things.

There is a good chance that the In/Out referendum will be pointless by the time we get there.  If not it will not be long before it is.

It is obvious: I’m in charge of very little


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