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Posted by chrisrick13 on March 13, 2016

It is obvious: the EU is doomed

I am developing a dislike of Nicola Sturgeon.  It is unwarranted because she will take her revenge on the Scottish people.

Today she started the tub-thumping for Scottish independence.  Doing that is OK but the UK going for independence from the EU is not.  Not sure I understand the logic of that one.

I wondered how she was going to handle oil.  Form £9bn a year to fund her spending plans net oil revenue has gone to about £200m a year and is on a steep downward trend.  At the moment the UK is putting a lot of money into Scotland.

But that does not matter because in-land industry has grown faster than oil (offshore) has declined.  An interesting statement.  A little searching via by good friends at Google and it is seen as a downright lie.  Do I care – I’m not Scottish and don’t live in Scotland!

She was asked was she in or out the EU.  Her answer was that there were all sorts of problems with the EU but the benefits outweighed them.  Go on then Ms Sturgeon – give me one.  Just give me 3 provable benefits.  The question was not asked.

That is the problem I never hear a benefit from staying in the EU particularly from those at or near the top. I do hear un-provable dreams but no hard, solid benefits.

I was thinking about the stand against the USSR – the cold war.  Look at the NATO members standing against the USSR.  Spot the Europeans.  Of course they were all in the EU defence organisation standing toe-to-toe with NATO.  Errr – there was one wasn’t there?

Not seen too many benefits for getting out.  Oh I have.  It will cost us less propping up Brussels and French farmers.  Then if we are lucky we won’t have to subsidise Scotland so another big saving.  We’ll go back to making our own laws.  We might be able to turn back the tide of Johnny Foreigner…but I don’t see that as much of a benefit.

It is obvious: the EU is doomed and I think it will even go bang before the UK does


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