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Posted by chrisrick13 on April 8, 2016

It is obvious: I’m fair

I am me and just me.  I earn money (or at least receive money).  I pay taxes as demanded by HMRC and if it is anything to go by I was overtaxed during the year and they are going to give me some back.  I wonder if they are doing that to everyone?  I rely on the social order maintained by the police, the health service, the armed forces, as I speak English and not German or Russian, the education service to get my degree and much more.

If I earn £50,000 a year or £500,000 a year my demands of the state are constant or very close to constant.  Maybe as I get older I will need more health.  So what is my fair share of tax.  Based on income it is inherently unfair compared to my demands at any level.  Surely if I pay my way that ought to be enough?  No?  I don’t think so either.  Some of what I pay is effectively an insurance policy.  I pay in and might take some out but there are plenty of people who will need to draw on it.  Many of those are deserving cases and many are not.  That is another discussion.  I accept that I pay into the insurance policy and am one of those likely not to use it overmuch.

What is my fair share of taxes?  Double what most people pay?  Three times?  A hundred times?  I’ll go along with any amount as long as it is applied in the same way to everyone else.  The question is: who decides?  It is not who watches the watchers but who decides the deciders.  Perhaps it is fair that the majority of people at the bottom end of earnings decide what the small number at high-end of earnings pay though their votes in an election.  Actually I don’t think so.  Dr. Laffer step forward.  As Labour discovered, you can tax the high paid to very high levels…and your tax take goes down.  It might irritate socialists beyond belief but there is a maximum tax take and there is little can be done to increase it.

Without inequality there is no incentive and people will quickly realise that putting themselves out for little reward has…little reward.  Perhaps someone should have dragged Shakespeare into an office:  Now Mr Shakespeare that’s 3 plays you written it’s about time you stopped – after all most people don’t write any.  Maybe someone should have a few harsh words with Einstein: Stop working!  The Special Theory of Relativity is enough.  Leave the General Theory to someone else.  Or maybe Newton: have you thought of taking up cider making?

There has to be a reason to excel.  If there isn’t then most people won’t.  I know it’s not fair!

It is obvious: I’m fair to myself.


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