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Come out of the cold

Posted by chrisrick13 on April 28, 2016

It is obvious: I’m a socialist

The powers that be, advised by the best economic brains around, have really got the world economy into good shape.  2007/2008 where we came close to the financial system collapsing.  We escaped with a mixture of low interest rates, QE, and foisting the debt on the shoulders of the public without him realising.

It gained breathing space.  Time to sort things out.  Seven years later the mess is worse.  The Euro is a bad enough mess.  Greece, despite the ‘help’ from the ECB and IMF is in a mess.  At the moment there is 90%+ employment and GDP growth in the 5% range as predicted by them (sic).  Japan has been doing a lot and getting almost the reverse of the results it predicted would happen.  Everywhere you look it seems that central banks are going into negative interest rates.  The Fed has not done that but it has forecast 3 or more interest rises this year and is trying to work out how it can say that there will be none and perhaps even a cut.

In short I don’t believe that any economist has any idea how to predict anything into the future.  It seems they rely on past economic theory that just does not apply today.  So why does anyone spend any time at all listening to any prediction about the economy of the UK if it leaves or stays in the EU.  Nobody has any idea.  Not even close.

But that is the point.  Brexit is not about economics.  It is about deciding whether we want to decide our own future as a nation or hand it over to someone else from another country.  Some of it is about immigration and inevitably racism.  I’m not there but a lot of people are.  The Labour party is working through that at the highest level now.

I have found myself liking Frank Field more and more.  Dammit he’s a socialist!  I have arrived at the point where I have seen so much of what he has written and done that I am interested in all that he has to say.  To my huge surprise he appeared on tv last week and he is an Outer!  It is not the flapping loonies that drive you away from a cause in their support but the people of substance with a track record that you are familiar with that draw you in.

It has been a while since I mentioned him…again.  Tony Benn is in the flapping loony class.  The man who suggested we start a sovereign wealth fund when we started dragging oil out of the North Sea.  He also had his 5 questions for any one in power here (again, again).

What power have you got?
Where did you get it from?
In whose interests do you exercise it?
To whom are you accountable?
And how can we get rid of you?

He further said: If you cannot get rid of the people who govern you, you do not live in a democratic system.

If only Saint Thatcher had said it.

Ask that question of Mario Draghi, Jean Claude Junker and the European Commissioners (if you could even name any and one is British)

That is why we should not be in the EU.

It is obvious: I’m a socialist – just kidding.


One Response to “Come out of the cold”

  1. Malc C said

    Here,Here.Let’s get out due to our lack of democracy.I’m fed up arguing with the Remain people who say that we elect our MEP’s so we have democracy.

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