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Ask not what your country can do for you

Posted by chrisrick13 on June 28, 2016

It is obvious:  I want to be in a European Union

Today I heard a Polish EU official interviewed on BBC Hardtalk.  He said that he was angry that the UK had held an unnecessary referendum.  The words were echoed by one of the EU leaders later on.  Amazing.  Clearly it was necessary!  Indeed part of a democracy should be the holding of ‘unnecessary’ referendums.  We vote on policies for a 5 year parliament but things change so why not check back at regular intervals?  I think that I do not want to be in a union led by idiots.

There have been many calls from EU leaders that the UK should go as fast as possible.  Why is that?  I think that the EU wants to make an example of the UK.  Make us really suffer so that other countries will not consider leaving.  If we take two years or more about it then there are many other countries might follow.  I would ask those leaders and officials if they ever thought that making the EU such a desirable place to be might be a better way to keep countries ‘IN’?  I think that I do not want to be in such a spiteful union.

One way to get a quick exit would be to start informally negotiating now.  Work can take place now so that when article 50 is invoked the process can move fast.  So why have those same leaders who want a quick exit ruled out informal negotiations.  Perhaps Mr Junker will appoint his horse to take the place of the UK commissioner.  I think that I do not want to be in a union led by madmen.

Mr Cameron went to the EU to negotiate for rules/laws that the British people wanted.  The EU gave him almost nothing.  No need as the ‘blind’ population would never vote to leave the EU.  I think that I do not want to be in a union led by such arrogance.

I am puzzled by the Scottish leaders’ position.  There will come a time when oil returns to over $120 a barrel.  When will that be and how much will be left in the North Sea for Scotland?  So oil income will likely be close to zero for many years if not forever.  The Barnett formula is not easy to understand or interpret.  It does mean that Scotland does get extra money from England.  I am happy to stop sending my taxes north of the border.  If Scotland leaves the UK they will be some time in getting into the EU.  They will need to find a currency as well.  They will also have annoyed their major trading partner and if we follow the EU lead we will make it very hard for Scotland.  They should not have stopped at Retford when they had England at their mercy.  I wonder that I want a country in our union that is lead by people who hate the union.

I was sanguine about a ‘IN’ vote as the EU will collapse soon enough anyway.  I think we can handle that collapse better if we are out…and we may yet not make it out before the collapse.  Why did the remain campaign just tell us about the penalties of leaving?  Why did they not shout out loud about all the benefits of being in the Union.  I think I do not want to be in a union led by people with no regard for the populations that they are supposed to care for.

I am continually drawn to Tony Benn’s 5 questions.  Mr Junker:

“What power have you got?”

“Where did you get it from?”

“In whose interests do you use it?”

“To whom are you accountable?”

“How do we get rid of you?”

These EU leaders might be paternally doing what is best for us (they are not) but I want to make my own mistakes.

The leave vote will mean a large economic penalty applied to the UK.  It will mean that immigration to this country will change little.  What it will mean is that we will make our own laws and use them.  We will not have to apply to the EU to see if they like them.  That is worth just about any price demanded of us.

It is obvious:  I want to be in a European Union just not this one

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