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Posted by chrisrick13 on March 29, 2017

It is obvious: I hope…

The Scottish are noisy.  No wonder they needed bagpipes to summon the clans.

The noise though is coming from the SNP this time.

After the referendum it was said that it was the last one for a generation.  We were all too used to the EU where questions were repeated until the ‘right’ answer was given.  Errr, did anyone get that in writing?  Thought not.  Goodness have they got no idea?!

So two years down the line ‘things have changed’ and a new referendum is needed.  That is one prediction even the BoE could get right.  Damn sure something would change over the 20 years of a generation.  Shows how disingenuous the SNP is…or rather the people at the top are.

But it is easy for the SNP.  Lets have a referendum every second Thursday in the month.  It costs the SNP nothing.  But it does cost you and me.

So it is time to up the stakes.

Yes, SNP, you can have a referendum any time you want.  Just drop £30m into the pot to pay for the costs.  You’ll get a lot back but I won’t have to pay.  If you really mean it then put your money…

We need a few more stakes out there.

The day after a referendum vote for independence the Bennett formula payments from the UK to Scotland stop.  £9bn a year less starting now.
You also need, Scotland, to start paying the interest for your part of the national debt and RBS.  Call it £300bn so only another £3bn a year.  You will also undertake to borrow the money from other sources and return it to the UK within 3 months.

What happens if there is a No vote?  Don’t want to be seen to unduly influence things.  If there is a no-vote then most of the devolution powers will be returned to the UK and Westminster.  The Scottish parliament can regulate haggis hunting and bagpipe production.

Not enough…all people with a birth certificate north of the border living and working in the rest of the UK will have their basic tax rate increased by…10%.

Now, SNP, you do have skin in the game and about time to…it’s all gone quiet over there.

(Thankyou Allan for that one.)

It is obvious: I hope…they let the English vote this time


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