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Posted by chrisrick13 on March 30, 2017

It is obvious: the UK will not achieve ‘Brexit’

The nature of those in charge of the EU is exposed yet again.  After the referendum they were calling for immediate action.  Fortunately we are not so stupid or at least, on this occasion, our leaders were not.  Now that we have triggered the exit the EU leaders are dragging their heels.  Why is this?  Because of elections coming up in Germany and other countries.  Can’t blame them for acting in their own interest.  (I am slightly encouraged that Theresa has maybe employed some proper negotiators and is listening to their advice.)

However that is misplaced and shouldn’t they be acting in the interest of the people that voted them into power.  Oooops – none of them were voted in.  Refer here to Tony Benn’s 5 rules for the definitive guide.

So we start the negotiation with the EU delaying.  However the tone is one of stuffing the UK and not looking for a win-win.  The reason for that goes back to the referendum.  Had the remain group been able to name one real benefit of being in the EU they would have won the vote easily.  They could not give a single thing from the past that showed what a benefit there was from membership.  Only nebulous fears that would be alloyed by membership.  There is nothing the EU has done that could not be done just as well without the EU.

Still the debate is wholly economic.  In this area nobody knows on either side just how it will turn out.  My thought is that there will be winners and losers but net there will not be much difference.  What is more important is that we have regained the ability to make our own laws and have them interpreted and executed by our own judiciary.  Everything else is secondary.  You have only to look at the performances of Junker and Tusk yesterday for proof of  that.

That leaves me here to stick my neck out.

It is obvious: the UK will not achieve ‘Brexit’ as there will be no EU to exit from by the end of the negotiation process.


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