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Posted by chrisrick13 on April 7, 2017

It is obvious: you can fool all the people all the time

I wonder at how the Scottish people are taken in by the SNP.  Just a little research of the fluffiest kind shows that Scotland will not survive on its own.  I have heard it said that the Shetland Isles will try to join Norway taking most of the oil reserves with them!  I have also heard that there are areas of Scotland to the south that will take the opportunity to secede and likely stay linked to the UK.

So it is with Brexit.  The EU might not like the UK leaving but there are two ways to do it.  Either make the best of it for both sides or do it in the most damaging way possible.  Of course the EU leaders are going for the most damaging.  The EU negotiator is a nasty piece of work.  Just a moment, who picked him?  Certainly not the people of Europe.  And so it goes.  We should not be fooled or frightened by the threats coming from Europe.

I heard that the UK needs to pay 50bn euros to leave.  That is fine and cheap as well.  However if the UK has paid for all these assets surely it now owns them or at least a part of them.

We will be out of any obligation on loans made to Greece and others.  Do you think that Italy, Spain and France can handle the load passed from UK shoulders to them?  Of course not.

We will be able to pull our troops out of Europe.  Let the EU guard its southern and western borders.  The eastern ones for that matter as well as we have troops way over to the east!

Then there is the net flow of money to the EU from the UK.  That can just dry up.  Other countries will disappear before we do.

I work at Eurotunnel so I think that has a poor future.  If the French in Calais and the Spanish on the southern coast start to make it difficult to get there what will happen?  The Brits will stop going!  Who will that hurt most?

So it is simple.  An agreed best case separation will enable the EU to stumble on for a while longer.  An acrimonious one will crash it that much sooner.  The stupid people running the EU have a different view…and they are wrong.

It just needs the message to escape…and it will.

It is obvious: you can fool all the people all the time until the day you can’t

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