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Posted by chrisrick13 on May 18, 2017

It is obvious: the UK will suffer badly when it leaves the EU

The French made an easy decision, not that they had one, and a potential trigger event has slipped by.  Macron was manufactured by the ‘establishment’.  They recognised that the electorate was in no mood to vote for the established parties so they backed a new man.  Same as the old man, alas.  Anything he might want to do will have to pass the parliament where he will hold few seats.  Very well played establishment.  Amused to hear that France will be run by a woman after the election: le Penn or Merkel.

Brexit moves back to the centre of the news cycle.  Competition from the election, but not much.  If I am watching England playing Scotland at rugby I am vaguely interested but do other things in front of the tv.  Just occasionally there is a game worth sitting down and concentrating on.  Not always been that way as England have only won nearly twice as many games as Scotland.  Mr Milliband looks pretty good as Theresa May in his drag outfit.

So I am interested in Brexit.  My argument was that remain would have been an easy win if the remain group could have pointed at just one thing that was an outstanding benefit from being in the EU.  They could not because there are plenty of small things that were good but nothing big, and plenty of things that were bad, many of those carrying big labels.

So if there is nothing big to lose why should leaving bother us?  For sure the people who run the EU want to punish the UK.  They want to make us suffer, and they will.  The problem is that the suffering will go both ways.  It will not endure.  People in general are maxi-minimisers.  They maximise their gains and minimise their losses.

We have made the right decision for the wrong reasons.  We will now make our own laws and interpret them with our own independent judiciary.  That is all that matters.  The economic arguments are secondary.

It is the off-season.  The Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1st XV) have been on their off-season break but have started spring training.  Brexit will become a side-show and I think there will be a quick out with no agreement and we’ll sort out the deal with what remains of the EU afterwards.  We’ll be absorbed with the Horsemen matches which, alas, will be walk-overs.

It is obvious: the UK will suffer badly when it leaves the EU – for a very short time.


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