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Election special

Posted by chrisrick13 on June 8, 2017

It is obvious: the Conservatives will win

I want to say 358 seats but I’ll curb my optimism and say 352. That is a working majority and big enough not to emasculate Mrs May…if that is possible!

That will put Labour on 250 ish. How they must hate the SNP.

The Liberals will be back to where they always were when I was young.

I looked on my ballot paper for the “none of the above” box but there was not one. I looked for the Monster Raving Loony party but there was no such candidate in my constituency. The Greens were there but they are Trotskyists with a thin veneer of ecology. UKIP have done their job – I wonder where Mr Farage will pop-up next. He is one to watch. The Christian Alliance have no place in politics. An independent guy who I don’t know so I wouldn’t vote for him. The Liberals seem to be plotting a course that navigates between Conservatives and Labour. Driven by others not themselves.

Then there were two. That nice Mr Corbyn is only going to spend about £60bn more than he gets in…if his numbers are right. He will tax businesses away from this country. He is not going to do any pip-squeaking but there are plenty will get out from under. But what he will do is borrow £250bn and spend it. Borrowing to spend kills people. It kills them in the future and puts the burden on our children. I’ll shoulder my pack today thank you.

What does that leave? Oh dear.

It is obvious: the Conservatives will win, but will the UK?

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