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Oh dear

Posted by chrisrick13 on June 9, 2017

It is obvious: the British people have spoken

I got that wrong.Why am I not happy.  We got a ‘none of the above’ result.

I hoped for a big Conservative win so that we would have a strong hand in negotiations with the EU.  I was wrong.  We don’t need it.  We still have a strong hand.  Instead of negotiating with a dogmatic approach from a strong position we now have negotiators who will say to the EU that if they don’t get what they want they will call another election.  Whatever that result it will be very disruptive and bring time pressure into the negotiation. A failed negotiation looks very possible unless the EU gives a lot away. If they don’t the bloody-minded English (I do mean English) will tell the EU to get lost.

There was some small delight in the results.  The SNP had a bad time of it and independence will disappear as an issue.  Add to that, Alex Salmond lost his seat to complete a Scottish upheaval.  Maybe I’ll see less of Ms Sturgeon on tv now.

I think I care little about the goings on in parliament.  The lives of the people of the UK will be little affected by the great drama coming in that building…or just down the road as they try to stop it falling down.  Probably another election before the end of EU negotiations but this time forced by a vote of no confidence.  Alas, there will be no attempt to balance the UK budget or to try to cut national debt.  At least Mr Corbyn did not get in and immediately borrow £250bn.  Our children will still be getting a big bill in a few years.

If I do look at parliament I would note that we have a two-party system that does not lend itself well to coalition governments.  We need at least 4 parties each with 20% or so of the seats.  Then decent negotiations to create a coalition government using policies from all the 3+ parties in that coalition will happen.  Wishy-washy stuff though.  We’ll be back to two parties soon enough.

Not for one moment did I think that this election could be a trigger event.  Who cares about the UK?  How can it affect anything?  The UK could be the brick in the spin drier though.  Keep filling your back bedroom with baked bean tins.


It is obvious: the British people have spoken – we should know better by now


One Response to “Oh dear”

  1. Cynic said

    This is a bad result for the UK and a good result for the UK. We will have a very weak party in power for a short time until we are forced to have another general election. Ms May has a lot of egg on her face as she lost (say) 5% of her MPs – she may have to resign although I can’t really see anyone that could take over; They seem a fairly dismal lot (but please please not Boris and not Gove). Ms Sturgen has even more egg on her face – it would be super if she went too, I see just too much of her on TV and her voice gets on my nerves.

    Was this a vote of confidence in Corbyn? I’m not sure it was, it could be another protest vote saying they all are a load of self-serving etc. The politicians will interpret it in ways to meet their own needs rather than using any logic.

    The LibDems did well (in percentage terms) however they are really no-hopers as far as government is concerned as their supporters really hated it, when they had any say in how the state was run; They really, REALLY have a wish to just shout from the side-lines. And the UKIP people are now history – good news indeed – although whether it was the policies that made this so or the self-destructive infighting, I really don’t know/care.

    How does this effect BREXIT? I maintain that whatever we try to negotiate (from a strong or weak position) the result will be the same, we can do what we like but Europe will only give us the choice of a Hard BREXIT, partly because they want to punish us but also because they won’t be able to get concensus on anything else. I think in 2019 we will have another referendum and asked to chose between Hard BREXIT and staying in. Sadly I think that at that stage, we will decide to stay in (on blloming aweful terms) and Germany will continue to direct our destiny…

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