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Posted by chrisrick13 on June 13, 2017

It is obvious: I used to worry about how little oil there is left


Last week it I heard that more than 50% of the UK electricity consumption came from renewable sources. The list quote included nuclear. I think that stretches things a little. Though maybe a fast breeder power station does do it? Other than that Thorium and Uranium are not renewable.

If I climb out of the nuclear hole I have dug for myself then all energy comes from the sun. The primary source. Oil is just energy from the sun that stored away for a long time. Solar is much more recent energy. Wind, wave, tidal, hydro-electric are all taking energy from the stored kinetic energy of a spinning earth. I think that ultimately comes from the sun?  It is large enough that we’ll be pressed to slow the rotation by even a second over the next several thousand years.  Not renewable though.

Oil consumption has crept up. Can’t understand why there is more consumption at $50 barrel than there was at $120+. Price should have moved? If not why not?

Electricity production has moved away from oil of which there was not much. It is using gas and coal…and renewables.

A step down from burning oil in car engines is not far away. No energy-saving as such but it will come via renewable sources. More efficient use will soon be here with driverless cars and the move from owning to renting as needed.

The sailing ship phenomenon has exhibited itself with the improvements in oil extraction methods. (Interesting that after all this time Saudi Arabia is selling off its oil reserve. A good reason for that…?)

So I predict no big oil crunch for my lifetime (and I just predicted 352 seats for the Conservatives in the general election). I think an oil crisis could well be managed some long distance into the future. Do not forget that nuclear fusion is probably going to happen over the next 20 years.

When oil runs out in certain places interested parties queueing up to settle a few scores will be a bigger risk ever than oil running out.


It is obvious: I used to worry about how little oil there is left – I’ve got more important stuff to worry about now

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