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Posted by chrisrick13 on June 19, 2017

It is obvious: a week is a long time in politics

The EU negotiators are hounding the UK to start negotiations.  I find it odd that nobody mentions that the EU refused to start any negotiation until the French election was over.  They were also including the German election date but have rode back from that because of the ‘good’ French result.

I have heard that the EU have also refused to start negotiating until the UK agrees to pay £40bn compensation to the EU.  Someone not used to negotiating (most people) might not realise that it is itself the start of negotiations!  I wonder if we will soon be negotiating over seating positions at the table?  Something my generation knows about only too well.

Less than 2 months ago the Conservatives took hundreds of seats off the Labour party in local government elections.  Less than 2 weeks ago the Conservatives polled more votes than in the previous election.  This is not a party in disarray!  Mr Corbyn has been better advised than Mrs May but I wonder that he can keep it up?

It is obvious: a week is a long time in politics and a lot longer than the memory of most people.

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