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Watch out next generation – here I come

Posted by chrisrick13 on July 5, 2017

It is obvious: vote Labour

Saint Thatcher ran a government that spent less than it earned. Certainly not for all of her term as PM though. Not happened since and I wonder that it will happen again.

Somehow the debt that this country owes will have to be paid off some time. Mostly, at least. The austerity route is not liked by the population. This attempts to squeeze over a long period and spread the suffering, but not a lot of it. Trouble is that one man’s austerity is another man’s cuts. To do it even-handedly is impossible.

NHS, education and pensions are heavily protected. Does not leave much to ‘austere’.

Better to keep going as we are and then have a big disaster and everyone can suffer badly. ‘Dunkirk spirit’…but don’t get me started on keeping the Germans from running this country like that nice Mr Hitler wanted to.

We will get equality for most of us because if there is no food in the shops then the government will start rationing and only the very rich and the criminal classes will get around it…oh dear.

It isn’t going to happen yet. I am as sure of it as I am that it will happen.

Trying to find triggers but not happened on one yet. I notice that car loans are treading a similar path to houses from 10 years ago. I wonder if that will be not so much a trigger as a full-blown reason?

It bothers me that the next generation and the one after (and maybe a few more after that) will pay for the lifestyle I lead. Or rather it did. Why should I care? I’m not going to be around for most of those generations. I have done my time paying for today’s pensioners which I have now joined.

I think that the Labour party have the right idea. They are going to borrow and spend. They will spend on the NHS of which I am likely to become a big customer of soon. They will put money into social services and I can see that I might avail myself of a deal of that. That nice Mr Corbyn is going to borrow £250bn and spend it over and above the government overspend. Got to be a lot of it coming my way.

I will vote Labour from now on.


It is obvious: vote Labour – if you are old



One Response to “Watch out next generation – here I come”

  1. Malc said

    During the hustings I was terrified that Jezza would get in and a hard left govt would ruin the country a la 1970’s, which I remember well.My 2 grown up, middle class daughters are employed as a (1)Teacher and (2)a University post doctoral Researcher so no prizes for guessing which way they were going to vote(ie Jezza).Feeling in a minority I comforted myself with the promise of all the goodies that were coming my way as described by Chris.As we approached the day,close inspection of Jezza’s manifesto showed that the Inheritance tax changes that have just been introduced would be reversed so living in the South with a house plus assets built up over a lifetime(nothing inherited) were at risk.Even worse secret footage of a John McDonnell video showed him with plans to introduce a wealth tax(20%)-plain daylight robbery to anyone with financial assets.Thank goodness for the DUP who prevented disaster.
    It is obvious-beware the sting in the tail of a Labour government!

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