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I’m not poor enough

Posted by chrisrick13 on July 27, 2017

It is obvious: I love a good socialist

That nice Mr Corbyn, who is going to fund the NHS and keep pensions going just when I need them whilst giving the bill to a generation I will never meet, has just said that freeing students from any tuition fees and forgiving the debt was only an ambition. He did not get enough votes from students to win so he has dumped them already. He could see that ex-trot Andrew Marr coming for him on Sunday so got out quick. Another reason to vote for him!  I’m not poor enough to avoid his other policies though.

Frank Field is the grey scowling socialist of parliament. A closer look at what he has said and done and I see a man of integrity, honesty and compassion. If he were my MP I would vote for him.

Then I return to the biggest loony-left of the lot: Tony Benn. This is the energy minister who proposed a sovereign fund from a percentage of oil revenues. The ridicule poured on him prevented us having a fund like Norway with £2trillion in it.

Then he came up with the 5 questions to ask of anyone in power. Questions for which those at the top in the EU do not have a good answer (or any answer).

I just heard that he was extremely suspicious of the EU (Common Market then) and the motives of those creating it and was against it.

If I agree with him so much what does that make me? If he was right so much what does that make him?

I’m finding it ever more difficult not to like some of these socialists.


It is obvious: I love a good socialist – I’m still finding all too many of them for my liking


2 Responses to “I’m not poor enough”

  1. Bill said

    I have found that those with no possibility of getting the power to actually do things (yes, even in politics) tend to talk a lot more sense than those who may be called to account and do the things they promise. This the fringes of the Labour Party talk more sense than those in the Shadow Government and the liberals talk even more sense as they have taken the stance than none of them want power but would rather criticise (gripe) about those who rule. So (sadly) I am minded to always feel that the people out of power would be much more suited to manage the country (and hence am always Disgruntled of Tunbridge Wells mode, or should that be Victor Meldrew mode).

    As an aside, I would very much like to know what the five questions that the nice Mr Benn (is that Hilary or Anthony?) suggested are…

    I’m a democrat (please, please NO – not like the US Democrats) and think that the people deserve a say in what is going on. So I am anti-EU which seems to be pretty undemocratic in general, leaving the well-paid MEPs to decide the irrelevant things that Daily Mail readers dislike so much, such as just how curved (or not) a banana can be. I do however temper this by feeling that if there is a major and potentially irreversible change then we should have a two thirds (or similar) majority before it happens (eg leaving the EU, independence of Scotland/Wales/West Norfolk)

    • I don’t think Hilary has yet been classed as a loony. It was his father. The questions are:

      What powser have you got?
      Where did you get it from?
      In whose interests do you use it?
      To whom are you accountable?
      How do we get rig of you?

      Apply that to the nice Mr Juncker, the incorruptable Mme Lagrade, the taciturn Mr Tusk. Not one of the 15 questions can be answered satisfactoily for them including “what power have you got” as so much dealing is done out of sight and their motives are questionable.

      You are right that it is easier to call for the right thing to be done than do it when you have the controls in hand. What you are saying is that no politicians do anything than act in their own interest! I’ll agree with you on that one.

      I find myself having to defend Tony and Frank Field as both of them were in power and did try to walk the talk! I am turning into a socialist!

      I was recently lectured to on democracy and will write on that another time. As a result I no longer find myself a democrat.

      As usual though you are 100% right.

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