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Slow down

Posted by chrisrick13 on April 2, 2018

It is obvious: I don’t like a lot of the laws of this country

There are roads near where I live that I won’t drive along any more. Most of the roads around my house now have a 20 mph limit.  I was going to say it was a recent change but it isn’t.  Some of the roads should have a speed limit of 40 mph – 30 mph did not seem right and now they are 20 mph. If I drive at the speed limit long convoys build behind me. Many drivers make risky maneuvers to get past me. Many drivers are angry at me…for obeying the speed limit. I can’t handle it. I take different routes just to avoid certain roads.

Last week I was talking to a friend who had just been on a speed awareness course (caught speeding). He reported from the course that the reason there were no speed cameras in 20 mph areas was because the current generation of cameras cannot accurately record speeds that low. However the new generation do!  There will be a big payday coming soon.

Another friend argued with me about ‘making money’ out of speed cameras. I maintained my well advertised stance that if you wanted to give extra to society by breaking the law that was your choice. The cameras would not make money if the cars passing them were travelling at the speed limit or less.

The argument back was that it was different for traffic offenses such as speeding as it was often very difficult not to speed in some places where the cameras were (deliberately) placed. Peer pressure is very difficult to stand up against – I can’t.  I have found that driving my car at 20 mph is very difficult. 6 gears and 3rd is too high for 30 mph almost but certainly for 20 mph. I have to drive around in 2nd and that feels very odd.  There should be some pressure on car manufacturers to make cars comfortable to drive at 20 mph.

Somehow though it is unfair to make money out of a speed camera. Why is it there? To encourage people to obey the law. Why 20 mph? Because fewer accidents happen and fewer people die when they do happen.

There is a similar argument for illegal parking. Bah! So I started on the prostitute’s question. Is it reasonable to have speed cameras and speeding fines? No it is not. Is it reasonable to have life in prison (25 years actually) for premeditated murder. Yes it is. So somewhere between those two there are laws that it is ok to ignore and those that it is not. Please tell me where the line is? Rape? Manslaughter? Robbery? Mugging?  Fraud? And why should your ‘line’ be the one. Thought we had parliament and the judiciary to handle that?

The short answer is that the law is the law. If you choose which bits apply to you then you are breaking the law when you ignore the bits that don’t. Expect it to cost you in some fashion.

It is obvious: I don’t like a lot of the laws of this country which is not a good enough reason to ignore them

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